Lifepoint exists for the purpose of Pointing People to Life in Christ. It’s our hope that men and women would turn from life that the world offers (pain, rebellion, despair, hurt) and experience new life (peace, joy, hope, freedom) found only in Jesus.

Our Core Foundations (vision, mission, discipleship strategy, and values) are what drive us as a church.


Pointing People to Life in Christ

Helping people move along in their faith journey. Pointing people (all people – people far from God, people struggling with their marriage, people near to God, people needing a fresh start, people content with life the way it is) to life (the fullness of life) in Christ.


Making Jesus Famous and Making Disciples

Over the last few decades, we have done a pretty good job of making the “church” famous, but our mission is to make Jesus famous. People came looking for Jesus, and we gave them church. We desire to lift the name, person, and power of Jesus in our lives, homes, and city. The goal is not simply to teach all that Jesus has commanded, but to teach people to obey all that He has commanded. We are committed to helping men and women become followers (disciples) of Jesus.


Our strategy for helping you become a maturing disciple involves 4 main areas of growth and experience. Each one of our ministry environments are designed around 1 of these specific areas. Worship * Community * Serve * Discipleship


Worship is our response to God – for who He is and what He has done. Worship is our heart connecting with the heart of God. Through our worship, we are Making Jesus Famous so that God’s glory shines bright and others are drawn to Christ.


We were all created to be in relationship with God and one another. Our lives were never meant to be lived alone. We were designed to need one another, love one another, and care for one another. We were made for community.


You are never more like Christ than when you are serving someone else. Our hope (for you) is that God would reveal how He has specifically designed you, and that you would take the next step to follow Him by serving others.


Everything we do at Lifepoint is for the purpose of Making Disciples. We are not satisfied with simply attending an event or practicing certain rituals. We desire to help you follow Christ and lead others to do the same.


Honor God [Excellence] & Inspire Others [Tell Stories]

God is looking for those who will give everything for His name & His glory, to inspire others by the lives they lead and the stories they tell.

Anything of Great Significance Takes Great Sacrifice

When your children’s children tell the story of their grandfather or grandmother, what do you want that story to be? What do we want our story to be? Great things, significant things, don’t just happen. It takes great (hard) work. Together, we are willing to do whatever it takes to make something great.

One Person…One Passion

What does the world need most, that you are most designed to do? My passion is not for me. It’s a gift to you. It’s a gift that I am giving to you as an offering to God. And to the level I refine it, work at it, and use it will be equal to the quality of the gift that I am giving to you.

Intentional Apprenticing

Will your life & ministry end when your days on earth are done? Jesus never did ministry alone. His disciples were always with him: watching, learning, and listening. He involved them in everything he did. He saw beyond his three years of public ministry and knew that success was not merely doing ministry. Success was handing off the ministry and the responsibility to the group coming behind him.

Honest Evaluation + Appropriate Change = Effective Ministry

What would it take, to move your life and ministry to greater heights? Self-evaluation is an honest inspection to see if we are progressing as God expects us to. Change is inevitable. Change is necessary. We can fight against it, or we can choose to embrace it. Seeing ourselves and our ministry [as they truly are]allows us to evaluate the necessary changes needed to be made. When we are open to making the appropriate changes, our lives and ministry will be more effective for the gospel.

Prepare As If Tomorrow Was Today

Will our response to the moment of circumstance (opportunity or crisis) be met with action or reaction? All of life is preparing you for future moments, circumstances, and opportunities. Your actions and reactions to the moment (season) you are in now, was shaped by past experiences, circumstances, and opportunities. The level at which you are able to live, minister, and serve today was made possible by the preparation of yesterday. If we choose to embrace the process and seasons of preparation, then we will be ready when the moment arrives. The moment to serve. The moment to endure. The moment to love. The moment to give. The moment to live.

Risk & Courage [Risky Prayers & Courageous Faith]

Do you want to live while you are still alive? God never promised it would be easy. The enemy might be giants. The walls built up may be strong. It may be impossible to see a way, to see the details of how it could possibly work out. Jesus never promised ease and comfort. What He did promise was that we would have difficulty and would be met with seemingly insurmountable odds, but that we could take heart because He has overcome. So whatever God has called you to, He will see you through. Trust Him and Have Courage!

Unconditional Generosity

We have been given everything we could ever desire, by a God who owed us nothing. How could we not give back (to Him and others) completely and unconditionally? Our unconditional giving (time, money, energy, life) is a reflection of the generosity He has already shown us. How we choose to give is a story that tells the world of the God we confess to love and serve.


We believe in faithful and biblical leadership. Our Bylaws are written to help us lead productive and effective ministry while remaining true to Christ and His Bride.







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