At 13 years old my best friend died of cancer. I was scared about the fact that we are not promised another day and I realized I wanted to go to heaven. After praying and talking to my mom I believed that I was saved. However, I just continued on with life and as I grew older I began to stray away from God. The older I got the further away I became.

When I met Lucas I began going to church with him. I realized I was missing so much and wanted to renew my relationship with God. Lucas and my relationship grew to the point where we were excited to get married. Not long after we married, Lucas and I began attending Lifepoint. We both started growing not only in our relationship with each other but with God as well.

When our daughter, Elliana, was 10 months old we had an incident where someone accidentally gave her too much of her medicine for reflux, and she was admitted in the PICU. I prayed so hard that God would save her. She was completely passed out and the doctors said she would be until the next day. Surprisingly, within 2 hours she was up jumping around and was happy and healthy. Doctors couldn’t believe it and we ended up going home that night. I was so happy that our daughter was healthy again.

“God didn’t have to, but He rescued my little girl that night.”

I thought about a lot that day and wondered, as she gets older, if she would truly understand God, who He is, and how we are supposes to be true followers of Him. She won’t unless she sees it in her daily life. But I wasn’t really living it, and didn’t even know if I understood it all. I realized that I was still missing something. I went to the baptism class and I couldn’t believe how much of it I really didn’t know or understand.

“That night, God went into overdrive in my heart.”

I couldn’t sleep and I couldn’t think about anything else but my relationship with Christ. The next week, as I was reading my Bible study I had to stop. It was like my mind mind and my heart wouldn’t let me do anything else until I talked deeply with God. I did…for a long time. I cried. I prayed. I cried more. I prayed more.

After that prayer I had this feeling, one I’ve never had before, like I was going to burst. I realized at that moment that I was truly saved and fully trusted my heart and life to Christ.

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