An orchard is an intentional planting of crops that is intended to produce crops [fruit]. The same can be said about our lives as Christ-followers. The seed of the gospel has been intentionally planted in our hearts for the purpose of producing the fruit of the Spirit in our lives. An orchard grows in groups and bunches, trees and bushes planted closely together to encourage community growth. As believers, we are made for community as well. We grow best when we are encouraged and strengthened by others around us. This is why The Orchard exists – a community of ladies focused on helping one another produce the fruit of following Christ in her life.


We exist to develop a community of women who grow individually and collectively in their walk with Christ, producing fruit that reaches the church, the community, and the world.


FRUITFUL: Grounded in the Word and their faith to bear fruit.

SOWING: Deepening our collective faith through prayer.

HARVEST: Reaching the needs of others through ministry.

GATHERING: Developing and strengthening relationships.


lift your eyes

Ever since my teen years, I knew for a fact that God created me to be a mom. In middle and high school, I was always the “mom” of my friend group. I had and still have this innate sense inside of me to care for other people. I guess that is my Enneagram 2 coming out. Even before I met my husband, I had a bucket list written out. It was prefaced with this: 1. Be a Mom. All other dreams are in no particular order of importance.

There, I Said It.

If theres one thing I can’t stand, it’s a hypocrite. It really bothers me when people act one way around one person, but a completely different way around another. When they post on social media about how perfect their life is, but in reality we all know little Johnny is a hellion and your profile pic is filtered. But have you ever noticed that the things that drive us nuts MOST about other people are the things we can’t stand about ourselves?

think higher.

It was a busy day. Well, actually it was a busy season. Each minute was accounted for and there was not a moment left over for anything else. Then my 15 year old daughter said at 8pm, “I have to have four types of gum for school tomorrow for a biology experiment.” I came undone! I had a full-on middle-aged mom tantrum. I fussed, I raised my voice, I stamped my feet, I yelled “I cannot add anything else!!!” I snatched up my purse and snatched up my daughter and drove approximately 6 minutes to Target when there was a Publix 1 minute away. But, I was not thinking rationally. I was only focused on my schedule, my time, my stress, and four packs of gum.

The Tear Collector

As a little girl, I went through several phases of collecting things. Growing up with two older brothers and living in a neighborhood with mostly boys; I was quite the tomboy. So at one point, my collections were baseball cards and rocks. I can still smell that thin, cardboard like bubble gum that was included in each pack of baseball cards. And I can so easily recall the excitement I felt when my granddaddy brought me all kinds of rocks from his trip across country and Canada. Those collections were precious to me.







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