What Takes Place at a Community Group Meeting?
A Community Group is simply a gathering of people who are forming relationships with one another that will provide encouragement and support for one another. Most groups choose to study a book or topic, a certain section of the Bible, or gather around a specific purpose, passion, or interest. Group meetings typically include discussion, encouragement, and prayer.


When, Where, & How Often Do Community Groups Meet?
Meeting dates and times vary by group. Search the listing of groups by your preferred dates, times, and location to find one that best fits your schedule. Our groups meet in homes, restaurants, parks, and various other places. Our goal is that each Community Group would chose to meet in their community so they have the opportunity to influence and impact the city and area in which God has planted them.

Each group determines how often they will meet together. We encourage all of our leaders to choose one of the following schedules: 1) weekly, 2) every other week, 3) or 3 times per month (taking one break each month).


How Long Do Community Groups Stay Together?
Most groups meet for around a year. Some meet for a semester, and others stay together for a couple of years – but new members are always welcome to join.


What Kind of Community Groups Do You Offer?
We offer a wide range of groups – everything from book studies, topics of interest, leadership, marriage, relationships, parenting, sports and health, and everything in between. Some of our groups meet through the entire year while others meet for one semester at a time.


Do I Have to be Part of Lifepoint Church to Join a Community Group?
You do not have to be a member of Lifepoint to join one of our Community Groups. But our hope is that you would find true community with our people, and this new sense of family would create a desire to be part of what God is doing through our church. The purpose of our Community Groups is to, not only provide community for the members of the group, but also reach those in our neighborhoods and cities who greatly need this type of community as well. For what purpose is our community, if it does not include those desperately in need of community?


Is Childcare Available?
Childcare varies from group to group. Some groups are kid-friendly and provide childcare (or suggestions for childcare), while others do not. Our Groups Search allows you to filter groups based on these options. You may email the leader of a specific group to find out the details before attending/joining that group.


What If The Group I Join Isn’t a Fit For Me?
Honestly, not every group is a good fit for every person…and that’s ok. Each of us are in different seasons of our lives, and that means not every group will be the perfect fit. We are ok with that. It’s why we have some many different types of groups – so that each person can find the right fit for them.

Simply let your group leader know that you would like to try out another group. Click on the Join a Group button and email the leader of the group for which you are wanting to attend.


Can I Start A Group In My Community?
Our Groups team would love to talk with you about the possibility of starting a new group in your area. Complete the Register to Lead a Group form and someone from our team will get in contact with you.







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