I was sprinkled when I was 12 [at the same time of my older brother]. I made the decision after being “saved” at church camp. I knew for awhile that it was just something I did because everyone else was doing it. I thought for a long time that I was going to heaven because I “believed” in Jesus and everything he stood for, because I’ve always heard that was enough!

I started reading the book “Follow Me” by David Platt, and was sick to my stomach most of the time reading through this book even though I LOVED it!! I was sick because I realized that believing in him is not all that is necessary for eternal life. You must have a relationship with Him. After I finished the book, I started talking to Joey [my husband] about the fact that he needed to read it, and I just started crying with him and told him that if I were to die right now I wouldn’t be going to heaven.

“I was one of those ‘good’ people who would end up going to hell.”

I have never been known for doing “bad” things. I don’t drink or smoke. I don’t have a drug problem I had to overcome. I don’t have a powerful testimony that many people have where they had to overcome a huge obstacle. I’ve always been known as the nice, sweet, do-anything-for-anyone kind of person because that’s who I am.

I never truly had a relationship with Jesus. For the past several months I have been reading through my Bible with hope to read the whole Bible in a year. Reading through the Bible and [other books] has drawn me much closer to the Lord.

“I can now say I have truly started a relationship with Christ. I am now truly saved…”

and I wanted to put my baptism in order. I do not think of myself as “re-dedicating my life” or being “re-baptized”. I am being truly baptized for the first time and I am very excited!!

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