My story is a hard story to share, but I feel compelled to do so to give glory to God and as an example of his work through the people of Lifepoint. I was struggling with my faith, and life, in general. A series of horrible personal choices and a life lived not knowing the Lord led me to find myself alone, living in a ratty hotel, struggling to provide a safe environment and basics for my children or myself.


Larry Westbrook recognized the severity of the situation, and provided me lifesaving spiritual guidance. He reached out to the church on my behalf. I was blessed with an overwhelming outpour of support, which helped me gain spiritual and physical stability. A safe place to bring my children. A chance to rebuild my life as God desired it.


Jesus Christ used the people of Lifepoint to literally save my life.

I met Larry Westbrook and Phil Foster through the Neighborhood Christian Center which shares the gospel with inmates from the local county jail. They invited me to a Sunday morning study they were doing with several of the local inmates. These two very successful men, who could be doing whatever they wanted with their time, were spending a substantial amount of time sharing the gospel with inmates.


Their kindness and undeniable love for the Word of God [and others] made me want to know more.

A few months before meeting these men, I had an interaction with another group of people from Lifepoint. Jeremy & Tina Reeves’ family and small group took an entire Saturday working to fix up a halfway house in our community. The people of Lifepoint drew me to wanting to go and see what this church was about.


The thing I remember most about my first visit to Lifepoint was how much my children enjoyed the children’s ministry.

I have 3 young boys [ages 6, 9 and 11]. Seeing the excitement in their eyes, from the time they spent learning the gospel, filled my heart with joy! Personally, I remember having truly felt the presence of the Holy Spirt during the adult worship gathering. The music. The people. The kindness. I immediately knew this was a place my children and I could grow and worship together.

In a short time at Lifepoint, I have grown immensely in my knowledge of the Word of God. One thing is for sure – you hear and gain understanding of the Word of God here. Being a fairly new believer, I have personally experience much growth. However, in all honesty, I’ve also found myself struggling at time. But there has always been someone from church to encourage me when I was down, and also there to guide me during the good times.


That’s what I love about this place. It’s a group of real people living real life.

Today, I serve as an usher during worship gatherings and participate in community service days through the church. There are so many ways to get involved. However, with a hectic work schedule and 3 active boys, I am not always able to help out as much as I would like. I appreciate that even when I cannot, I have never been made to feel bad about it. We have an understanding and loving group of people who are in all stages of life and walk with the Lord. We worship together, grow together, celebrate together, and walks through struggles together.

The aspect I treasure the most is that the people of Lifepoint are doers of the Word! I adore when we cancel worship gatherings [at the building] on Sundays and go into the community to share the gospel and help those in need – not to mention all of the daily [often never heard] acts of love and kindness done within the community through our church family. I love hearing the Word, but to put it into action is a soul-filling experience. I am so proud of the people of this church, and am honored to serve the Lord alongside everyone single person here.

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