You are never more like Christ than when you are serving someone else. One of the clearest pieces of visible evidence of someone’s salvation is their willingness to serve someone else like Christ served them. It shows true transformation.

Every believer is gifted with spiritual gifts and natural abilities. Paul [Romans 12 & I Corinthians 12] says that we are to use them to the best of our ability to serve God and His church. We are each to play our part and our role, not desiring someone else’s gift, and not slacking up on the use of our gift. Our gifts are not for ourselves; they are to be used diligently, consistently, and with great effort to serve others – to strengthen the church and to reach people far from God.

This is a big vision that God has given us. It takes everyone person, every part, working together – using their gifts, honing their craft, sharpening their skills to see it come to life. And when the body works together, and each person plays their part, something amazing happens. We are all moving in the same direction – toward the same goal. And along the way, community happens, relationships get formed, and family is created. It’s a huge extra [intended] benefit of serving [together]. We learn to rely on one another, trust one another, go through the trenches with one another, and celebrate victories with one another [together].

We consider ourselves a team. It’s why we talk about those who serve on different ministry teams as “teamlp”. Those who serve and vital to the team’s overall success in pointing people to life in Christ and making disciples.

At Lifepoint, we don’t want you to serve because we want something from you. We hope that you’ll take your next step and serve, because we want something for you. So, come on and join teamlp.

If you are interested in joining TeamLP, visit the TeamLP area at our campus or click the button below to register online.




Point(s) of Contact: Shelby Whisenant, Elii McCormick, Jackie Hamilton, Beth Wirey

OFFICE HELP – provide assistance for staff and general office needs

DATA ENTRY [THE HUB] – input data, update profiles, and keep the church database/online community up-to-date

PULSE TEAM – help others make Lifepoint their church home by preparing Pulse material, coordinating registration, contacting attendees, etc


Point(s) of Contact: John Evans

GROUP LEADER – foster a sense of community and life transformation within the lives of their group members

GROUP CO-LEADER – support group leader by providing care to group members, planning gatherings and assisting as needed

GROUP HOST – support group leader by creating space for gatherings, providing care to group members & assisting as needed

GROUP LEADER COACH– grow successful group communities by training, supporting, encouraging and resourcing group leaders


Point(s) of Contact: Shelby Whisenant & Anthony Blaxton (Set Design)

PHOTO/VIDEO – capture the moments and memories of people; color and post-edit pictures/video to share and archive; create photo/video highlights from events

SOCIAL MEDIA – manage, post, and monitor our social media presence to carry the ministry of Lifepoint throughout the week and into the lives of people

VISUAL ARTS – create and design visual art forms to illustrate the message, enrich a worship gathering, or enhance a specific ministry event

SET DESIGN – research, design, and create set/stage designs for worship gathering and events


Point(s) of Contact: Katie Osborne, Shelby Whisenant, & Shea Vest [Showers]

SET-UP/TEAR-DOWN – help set up, tear down, and run errands for ministry events

SHOWERS [Baby & Wedding] – provide care to newlyweds and new parents through organizing and helping with showers

HOSPITALITY [Meals & Care] – coordinate meals and provide care for people in times of crisis and need


Point(s) of Contact: Jamie Roden, Dave Hamilton, & Jon Aldridge

[weekly] – lead a team of people to provide a personal and memorable experience that leads to a next step

TRAFFIC [rotating teams] – model clear directions for organized parking and attentively point guests to their next step

GREETER [rotating teams] – graciously welcome each person as an honored guest

USHER [rotating teams] – aid the flow of a gathering by guiding people to their appropriate areas

TOUR GUIDE [rotating teams] – welcome and guide guests [with children] to lpkidz area, helping them connect with an lpkidz team member

CONNECTOR [weekly] – create an atmosphere of warmth and personal welcome by helping people make connections with other people, ministries, groups and events

CAFE COORDINATOR [weekly] – set up café to create a pleasant/comfortable environment which enables people to connect instantly

CAFE BARISTA [rotating teams] – leverage coffee and kindness to touch a heart and hear a story

SECURITY TEAM [rotating teams] – provide a safe atmosphere so Jesus can be the focus

SETUP [rotating teams] – arrive early and give a warm welcoming feel to our campus and church

2ND TOUCH [rotating teams] – the 1st touch makes an impression, the 2nd touch begins a relationship; make a 2nd touch to our guests during the week after their visit and reach out to members with care and concern


Point(s) of Contact: Cathy Strom

 COORDINATOR [weekly] – support lpkidz mission by identifying, recruiting & scheduling volunteers for successful family ministry

ROOTED HOST [rotating teams] – emcee lpkidz elementary large group worship experience & serve as the spiritual leader of the room

SEEDS HOST [rotating teams] – emcee lpidz preschool large group worship experience and serve as the spiritual leader of the room

SMALL GROUP LEADER [every other Sunday] – connect with same small group of children every other week, creating relationships that lead to true discipleship

SMALL GROUP SERVE TEAM [rotating teams] – support small group leader & connect with children, creating relationships that lead to true discipleship

GREETER TEAM [rotating teams] – assure parents of the safety & security methods while welcoming & leading them to the best place for their kids

PRAISE TEAM [rotating teams] – accompany the worship leader in leading lpkidz into worship through music and choreography

SEEDS WORSHIP TEAM [rotating teams] – present visual stories through scripts and puppet shows that enhance lpkidz worship experiences

PRE-WORSHIP CARE TEAM [rotating teams] – love God’s children by caring for their physical needs and creating relationships that lead to true discipleship

KIDS CHECK-IN [rotating teams] – help families check kids in to provide a safe & secure environment for children & peace of mind for parents

CURRICULUM COORDINATOR – support LPKidz mission by identifying, recruiting and scheduling volunteers for successful family ministry


Point(s) of Contact: Larry & Brenda Westbrook, Dave & Jackie Hamilton, & Renona Seibert

BACKPACK MINISTRY – organize and deliver food for weekly backpack distribution

PRISON MINISTRY – reach out to help inmates become successful citizens upon their release

REACHOUT TEAM [local] – reach out to introduce Christ to our community and surrounding area

REACHOUT TEAM [global] – reach out to introduce Christ to the world

REACHOUT COORDINATOR – plan, resource and motivate the local church to model the life of Christ to our community and the nations

SERVEONE – help locate and serve local families, ministries, and organizations through the ServeOne offering


Point(s) of Contact: Phil Foster (Chairman), Chantelle Miner (Vice-Chairman), & Shelby Whisenant (Staff Liaison)

CHAIRMAN – perform such duties as making certain that all orders and resolutions of the Elders are carried into effect. The Chairman’s duties shall include, without limitation: establishing meetings, setting the agenda and presiding over the meetings.

VICE-CHAIRMAN – in the absence of an active Chairman, or in the event of the Chairman’s inability or refusal to act, perform the duties and exercise the powers of the Chairman.

SECRETARY  – record or cause to be recorded minutes of all meetings of the Stewardship Team and all votes taken at such meetings. The Secretary shall have charge of the official records and seal of the Church, and shall perform such other duties according to the office of Secretary and as may be assigned by the Elders or the Chairman, under whose supervision the Secretary shall be.

BOOKEEPER – as the overseer of the financial operations of the Church. The Bookkeeper shall perform such other duties and have other responsibilities as may be assigned to him from time to time by the Elders or Chairman.

WEEKLY OFFERING COUNTING SUPPORT – assist stewardship team members in counting weekly tithes and offerings


Point(s) of Contact: Ashley Clark

[weekly] – equip team leaders and volunteers for successful ministry

[weekly] – lead a team of people to provide a personal and memorable experience that leads to a next step

LPKIDZ COORDINATOR [weekly] – support LPKidz mission by identifying, recruiting, and scheduling volunteers for successful family ministry

[rotating teams] – assist team leaders through volunteer check-in and placement for successful ministry

VOLUNTEER RECRUITER [as needed] – help people find their greatest joy in life by finding life through serving others

VOLUNTEER ADMIN [weekly] – streamline the volunteer process and paperwork so leaders can lead and servants can serve

VOLUNTEER TRAINER [as needed] – coach to equip ministry team leaders and volunteers to win with consistency, growth and excellence


Point(s) of Contact: Cathy Strom & Steven Keenum

GAME LEADER [weekly] – lead games to encourage fun and relationship-building

SMALL GROUP LEADER [weekly] – build strong relationships with students to help guide them in their walk with Jesus

CURRICULUM/SUPPLY LEADER [weekly] – assist leaders by gathering and organizing needed curriculum and supplies

SNACK COORDINATOR [weekly] – coordinate a team to provide snacks and clean up during weekly gatherings


Point(s) of Contact: Robyn Simmons, Carrie Waynick, Cindy Holmes, Rachel Westbrook

FRUITFUL [Discipleship] – grounded in the Word and their faith to bear fruit

SOWING [Prayer] – deepening our collective faith through prayer

HARVEST [Serve] – reaching the needs of other through ministry

GATHERING [Community] – developing and strengthening relationships


Point(s) of Contact: Jeremy Simpson

MENTOR – provide a relationship of one-on-one discipleship to another student in a life-on-life relationship

SMALL GROUP LEADER [weekly] – connect with same the small group of students each week, creating relationships that lead to true discipleship

SMALL GROUP ASSISTANT [weekly] – support small group leader and connect with students, creating relationships that lead to true discipleship

MEALS/FOOD COORDINATOR [twice per year] – coordinate meals for Wednesday night gatherings and other student events


Point(s) of Contact: Anthony Blaxton (Worship) & Luther Wakefield (Production)

BAND MEMBER [rotating teams] – lead people to meet with God by being in the presence of God

VOCALIST [rotating teams] – lead people to meet with God by being in the presence of God

LP KIDZ WORSHIP LEAD – lead kids gathering in worship through music

THE LOOP WORSHIP LEAD – lead pre-teen gathering in worship through music

THE POINT WORSHIP LEAD – lead student gathering in worship through music

PRODUCER [weekly] – provide an engaging worship environment that flows seamlessly from beginning to end and make people want to come back [and bring someone with them]

TECHNICIAN (sound|lights|media) [rotating teams] – provide a coordinated, distraction-free environment that captures the heart, engages the mind, & stirs the soul

STAGE MANAGER – support worship & production teams during rehearsal and worship gatherings

CAMERA OPERATOR – operate cameras and switcher to provide an excellent online worship experience









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