Serve Projects for Individuals & Families

Serve Project Ideas

Discuss the following questions with your Small Group to help decide on a Serve Day project.

  • Who in your neighborhood has a need?
  • What business or organization within your sphere of influence could use a blessing?
  • What are some areas you’re passionate about?
  • What serve opportunities best suit your group’s skills and abilities? (Prayer, worship, teaching, physical labor, etc.?)
  • What resources does your Small Group have access to?

General Ideas

  • Host a free garage sale
  • Hand out free gum, popsicles, sunscreen, or bottled water with Acts of Kindness cards at a local park
  • Clean up a widow or single parent’s yard
  • Help with home clean up or repairs for those who are physically or financially unable to do it themselves
  • Host a free car wash for the faculty of a local school
  • Help with minor car repairs for the elderly, widows, or single parents
  • Clean up or help with new landscaping for a local school
  • Collect toys and games for kids in a local neighborhood
  • Write letters to community servants such as police or firemen, people serving in the military, missionaries, disabled, and shut-ins, people in nursing homes. 

Nursing Homes

  • Deliver fresh flowers to residents
  • Host a worship service (offer worship, devotions, prayer, and fellowship)
  • Throw a “Senior Prom” complete with live music, food, and decorations
  • Landscape a flower garden and sitting area for residents
  • Let kids make crafts that can be given to residents

Special Needs

  • Identify a family with a special needs child and give the Mom and Dad a day out
  • Build a wheelchair ramp for a family


  • Serve hot breakfast to the homeless
  • Do a community trash clean up
  • Host a “Block Party” with food, games, and music for families
  • Renovate a run-down playground or park in the area
  • Do a door-to-door grocery giveaway
  • Have a “Free Grass Cutting” day
  • Invite neighbors on your street to your home for cookies and ice cream or watermelon and get to know them. 


  • Serve free coffee, energy drinks, and snacks to staff and those waiting in the Emergency Room
  • Pray with patients and people in the Emergency Room


  • Serve drinks or snacks at summer band practices
  • Serve bottled water at summer sports practices


  • Wash windows of locally owned businesses
  • Pick up trash in a parking lot
  • Corral shopping carts at a local supermarket
  • Bring lunch to your local police or fire station
  • Give out free doughnuts and coffee at a shopping center
  • Take lunch or treats to your local librarians

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