A few days after Christmas in 2015, through a job transfer opportunity, we left our home of 18 years in Florida and moved to Decatur. It was a difficult decision to leave our adult children, our church family and our small group behind to begin a new phase of our lives.


As soon as we arrived in Decatur, we began the daunting task of finding a new church home, a place to live and the adjustment to living in a completely new area. We found a home quickly, but finding a new church home was much more difficult. We visited a number of local churches and even joined a small group through another church in the area. Through that group, we met new friends who attended Lifepoint, and they encouraged us to check it out. We did…and never left.


Our first impressions were the genuine kindness shown to us by the greeters. They didn't just welcome us to the church, but asked about us, made it a point to learn our names and remembered them from week to week! (Denice Carter- you are amazing!)

One of the amazing things that LP does, which we had never experienced in previous churches, is having a dedicated Deacon and his wife (Larry and Brenda Westbrook) reach out to us to offer continual prayer, support, and love! They have been wonderful to us and always available. We’ve experienced a few challenges during our time at LP (possible job layoff and major health issues with elderly parents) and the Westbrook’s have helped us through and encouraged us along the way. Thank you for this personal connection!

We have been blessed to come to know some of the Elders as well, and what amazes us the most is how open and approachable the leaders at Lifepoint are!


Leadership here is obviously a position of servanthood - as we believe God intended it to be!

We recently attended a small group leaders training to see if we can be part of the vision to reach out to the community around us. We have a heart for marriages and believe God has a plan for marriage and want to help others experience Marriage as God intends it to be. We believe God has brought us to Lifepoint to serve, and we trust that He has a plan to use us here.

What’s so special about LP? You can feel God’s presence here. You can learn about Him as His Word is taught. You can sing His praises and lift His name high. You can share your joys and your problems with others who will love, pray for you, and walk with you when you need them to. You can step in and serve others knowing you have leaders who will help and guide you along the way.

Even though we are still fairly new to Lifepoint, we feel connected and loved.

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