Jerry, Mandy, Jayce, and Molly

After being at the same church for 17 years, we decided it was time for us to visit other churches. As a whole, our family does not adapt well to change so we knew it would be hard! Knowing a few people who already attended Lifepoint, we decided that it would be the first place we visited.


Lifepoint was very different than what we were used to. The music and atmosphere is much more contemporary, which we loved. The music is amazing! I love how people are so vocal in their praise and worship. I’ve always had a problem with people cheering at ball games and other places but not getting excited while singing praises to our God! What more reason to get excited than praising the One who rescued us?!?

On our initial visit, the pastor came out first thing [before the music or anything] and said the enemy had been attacking him the past week and asked if we could just pray. We did.


It made such an impact on us - the honesty and realness.

Music, people, and many other things are important at a church, but what is most important to us is that the Word [the Truth] is preached. At Lifepoint, God’s Word is taught! Not only is the Word taught and preached, it’s delivered in a way that every age can understand it and apply it to their own life. When our family leaves church, we discuss the message. Our teenagers are involved in the discussion as well. It’s so wonderful!

We decided if we were really going to check this church out, we had to get involved in different areas and groups. Molly (14) started attending The Point [LP Students] on Wednesday nights and fit right in! She also started serving with LPKidz. We asked her what she likes best about LP. Her response was,


Everyone listens to each other and no one looks down on you...and helping with the kids.

Jayce (19) enjoys attending The EDGE [College/Young Adult] small group. He also enjoys the Sundays that LP serves in the community. His quote about church is,


LP has a close knit-family feel.

We also got involved in a couple’s small group, and Mandy joined a ladies Growth Track Bible study. This truly was the game changer. These groups really weave people together and build relationships. The people at Lifepoint appreciate your good qualities and accept your bad ones. They help celebrate your highs and are there for you during your lows. Everyone listens to your stories and share their stories with you.

As Christians, we are terrible at hiding our problems and pretending to be perfect. It is one of the biggest problems in churches today. Christians have problems just like everyone else! God does not love us, teach us, and use us only AFTER we get our problems worked out! God uses us in our brokenness! He LOVES us in our brokenness! As Gabe preached one Sunday, our self-sufficiency blurs the supremacy of the cross.

The authenticity of the people at Lifepoint has been truly surprising.


I have never been around such real people in a church.

No one is afraid to share their ugly side and share how God has worked in their lives! There are not a lot of masks at LP. People are REAL and they don’t mind you being REAL either!

We attended Lifepoint for about 4 months before going through Pulse [membership] classes and officially making LP our church home. One weekend, we went away on a trip and had to miss church. It was the first time in a long time that we truly MISSED [being at] church! We were at the beach but we were MISSING church. How refreshing!

Changing churches is hard! No church is perfect – because it’s made up of imperfect people. God loves us and uses us to further His kingdom anyway! We love being a part of that at LP!

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