Josh and I have been going to Lifepoint for about a year. Before we got married, my daughter and I very rarely attended church.


So when our son was born, we knew we wanted our children to be raised in church. We visited a few different places before Josh finally talked me into visiting. My first impression of Lifepoint was that…


... everyone was so welcoming and all of the people were so nice and accepting.

As we got settled into our new church home, we enjoyed the fellowship with the Lifepoint softball team and also joined a small group. My family has thoroughly enjoyed these things, as they are a way for us to grow in our faith and discipleship with friends.


Joining Lifepoint has made such a huge difference in the way that we parent our children.

We get to teach them of the love the Lord has for us, and there is no greater feeling than that. Growing in our faith as a family has been a huge reason this church will forever be so special to us.

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